Why Do I Need It?

Plumbing codes stipulate that cross connections require suitable/approved backflow protection for your protection.

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Where Do I Buy It?

The TrapGap™ can be purchased at participating local plumbing distributors across Ontario.

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Who Will Install It?

The TrapGap™ simple enough to install that you could do it yourself! However, if you’d prefer, a professional can do it just as easily.

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Trap Seal Primer Cross Connections - Problem Solved!

A Few Words from the Creator of the TrapGap™

Working as a Licensed Plumber and a Cross Connection Control Specialist, I have performed many cross connection control surveys. While looking for actual and potential hazards, I repeatedly come across what is arguably the most common type of Severe Hazard Cross Connection - the Trap Seal Primer.

While Plumbers are required by code to install Trap Seal Primers to floor drain traps, they must also ensure they do not make connections between the potable water system and any potential source of contamination, without suitable/approved backflow protection. In the case of Trap Seal Primer supply lines, this Cross Connection between the potable water system and the sanitary drainage system has, for the most part, been overlooked with respect to approved backflow protection. I believe this is primarily due to the fact, that a device which provides a practical and approved method of backflow protection for Trap Seal Primer supplies, did not exist. Read More

Why Choose TrapGap™?

Prevents Backflow

The Trap Gap™ provides the best method of backflow protection; a code approved, 100% unobstructed 1" Air Gap.

Conserves Water

The Trap Gap's™ flow regulating nozzle reduces trap seal primer water consumption. Potable water which would other wise be wasted.

Detects Leaks

The Trap Gap™, through its 1" unobstructed Air Gap, makes water flowing through the trap seal primer visible. This can alert the user to a leaky faucet, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in water and energy bills.

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